Photos 2015

Messy Church June 15 – “Don’t build your house on sand….”

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Photos – 2015

MH Christmas Fayre 4th Dec 2015

  Nativity Hot spicy apple juice    Reindeer craft           Reindeer on Manor Walk  Stewards giving out the reindeer trail sheets  Reindeer Trail prizes






Christmas Fayre – mince pies with hot spicy apple juice, reindeer craft, reindeer trail, singing and live music from MH Baptist Church during the Town’s Christmas Fayre on Friday 4th December 2015.

Messy Church 29th Nov 2015

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Messy Church – with a Christmas theme, advent candles, Christmas biscuits, angels for the tree, a gift box to give to someone, and big stars to decorate.

Messy Church – 27th Sept 2015

Rugby biscuits 'Scratch Art' rugby boots Decorating blowers with rigby stickers Make the rugby shirt prayer your own   Icing biscuits     Yummy biscuit with a chocolate rugby ball           Rev Nick Cook leads the singing celebration       Starfish Puppets   "Who made the twinkling stars.."        Marching song       The Starfish Puppets    Tea for all
Rugby biscuits

Messy Church – with rugby themed crafts, singing, and puppets, finishing with a tea to share.

Festival of Rugby Sept-Oct 2015

Watching the first game - 18 Sept 15       Family friendly event - 18 Sept 15       Family breakfast at the Enigma - 19 Sept 15        Guest speaker David Chawner of Engage2015 for Rugby World Cup       Welcoming Bleddyn Jones - 20 Sept 15       Bleddyn Jones, BBC Radio Leicester rugby commentator      Hot dogs at the Wales game - 26 Sept 15   Watching the game Rugby themed Messy Church 27 Sept 15    'Messy' rugby ball    'Yum yum' - rugby biscuits    Rugby themed celebration  Hotdogs before the Australia game - 3 Oct 15
Watching the first game - 18 Sept 15

Festival of Rugby – a series of events held by MHBC during the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Open Afternoon – 6th Sept 2015

    'Well come' - for a warm welcome.     'Gift Exhibition' - the gifts were displayed in 'gift boxes'.                             Box craft for the children.         Decorating boxes.       Starfish Puppets            Enjoying the puppets.       The gift of music.         MHBC is blessed by many talented musicians.       Explaining the craft activity.       Free refreshments    Looking at the Gift Exhibition.            The 2nd group of musicians         Explaining that Jesus is a gift from God       Starfish Puppets        Children were given a gift from MHBC.                                The 3rd group of musicians                  Children's craft activity         Gifts for the children

Open Afternoon – The church was open from 12 noon until 4pm on Sunday 6th of Sept. There was free refreshments, children’s craft, and live music in the church with the Starfish Puppets performing on Coventry Road.

Harborough by the Sea – 2nd Aug 2015

Meerkats picnic Meerkats lunching at the Coffee Shop for Harborough by the Sea Musicians from MHBC and Great Bowden Sand pictures Painting stones Prayer fish Jonah and the Whale peg Icing fish shaped biscuits       CTH Messy Church craft activities Rev Nick Cook leads the action songs for the children Messy Church - Rev Nick Cook tells the story of Jonah Some of the MHBC Messy Church helpers take a break between services MHBC prayer tent Recently Baptised Emily gives her testimony  MHBC Band Mike and Margaret Bowers from Salvation Army led the worship    Songs of Praise worship service
Meerkats picnic

Harborough by the Sea – Churches Together in Harborough held a morning worship service and an afternoon of Messy Church activities in the Town Square on Sunday 2nd August 2015 as part of the town’s ‘Harborough by the Sea’ event.

Messy Church – 28th June 2015

Build a house  Create a picture           Decorated biscuits with honeycomb rocks and sugar sand    Messy house 1    Messy House2    Painting a house on rock    Playdoh   Play   Starfish puppets tell the story   Starfish puppets    Watching puppets        Rev Cook tells us what it means    The singing service    The wise man built his house upon the rock    The floods came up    Tea 1    Tea 2    Tea
Build a house

Messy Church June 2015 – Base your life on what is good and solid (wise man built his house upon the sand) – 28th June 2015 at MHBC.

 All Age Communion Service – 10th May 2015

Preparing for the service Passover plate Green veg in salty water Breaking unleavened bread Drinking the second glass of wine Bitter herbs Dipping bitter herbs in sweet paste What about the afikoman that was hidden Table set for Communion Take this and share it among you
Preparing for the service

All Age Communion service – The Questioning Child Christian Seder service – Rev Nick Cook takes us through the Passover meal with help from the children, young people, and leaders of Junior Church – 10 May 15.

Triple Baptism Service – 12th April 2015

Baptistry Rev Nick Cook Emily gives her testimony David gives his testimony Sonia gives her testimony Emily is Baptised David  is Baptised Sonia  is Baptised Rev Nick Cook with Emily, Sonia and David

Triple Baptism Service – The Baptisms of Emily, David, and Sonia at MHBC on the evening of 12th April 2015.

Good Friday – 3rd April 2015

Good Friday CTH service (1) Good Friday CTH service (2) Good Friday CTH service (3) Good Friday CTH service (4) Good Friday CTH service (5) Good Friday CTH service (6) Good Friday CTH service (7) Good Friday CTH service (8) Good Friday CTH service (9) Hfm CTH in Square (1) CTH in Square (2) CTH in Square (3) CTH in Square (4) CTH in Square (5) CTH in Square (6) CTH in Square (7) CTH in Square (8) CTH in Square (9) CTH in Square (10)

Good Friday 2015 – Churches Together in Harborough worship service in the Town Square on Good Friday – 3rd April 2015.

Easter Display – 2nd April 2015

Garden Display Broken Pot The cross Garden Tomb Hands Cracked mirror Prayer Tree Prayer Corner
Garden Display

Easter Display 2015 – The Church was open from 30th March to 2nd April 15 for people to reflect and contemplate the ‘God in the Garden’ display.

Messy Church – 1st February 2015 

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Messy Church – ‘Be Kind to Others’ (Good Samaritan) at MHBC on 1st February 2015.