Sermons 2012 – List


This page lists some of the sermons preached in our church during 2012. It’s not a full list; we generally didn’t put up the evening services and most of the morning sermons are those related to a specific series, so ‘free preach’ Sundays weren’t usually added.
If you are interested in listening to any of these please email the Web Administrator.

[Please note: some of the older recordings are of variable quality due to problems with the sound system and variation of recording methods]

The Apocrypha

Before we started E100 New Testament at the end of February 2012, we took a couple of weeks to look at the intertestamental writings and the history of that period leading up to the arrival of Christ. Sermons are being preached off (Protestant) Bible passages, but the Apocrypha is being explained and used to illustrate the history and attitudes of Israel shortly before Christ.

5th February Apocrypha 1 – Aliens in a foreign land Esther and Apocryphal Writers’ experiences of exile. Rev Nick Cook
12th February Apocrypha 2 – God Plans for the Kingdom Daniel Vision and the History of the Maccabees Rev Nick Cook

E100 – New Testament

Below are the 10 sermons based on the New Testament E100 readings. Some recordings include the scripture reading on which the sermon was based. The first four weeks looked at Christ. The rest of the series looks at the birth of the early church and the writings of the apostles, finishing with the book of Revelation.

26th February In the Beginning Again Rev Nick Cook
4th March The Teaching of Jesus Mr Jeff Lehman
11th March Miracles of Jesus Rev Nick Cook
18th March The Cross of Christ Rev Nick Cook
22nd April The Church is Born Rev Nicholas Cook
29th April The Travels of Paul Mrs Janet Smith
6th May Living as God’s People Rev Nick Cook
13th May Leadership of the people of God Rev Nick Cook
20th May What’s love got to do with it? Rev Nick Cook
27th May Full Circle Rev Nick Cook

Easter Sermons 2012

1st April Clearing out the temple Rev Nick Cook
8th April The Meaning of the Miracles Rev Nick Cook
15th April The Risen Christ Rev Nick Cook

Church Anniversary Weekend

On Sunday 14th October 2012 we took a break from our prayer series to celebrate our 182nd anniversary. Visiting preacher, Dr David Adams of Oadby brings us a word on how we can have a closer relationship with God.

14th October Walk Closer with God Dr David Adams

[Apologies for the background hum on recent recordings. We are hoping to get this sorted over the next couple of weeks]

Intercessory Prayer Series

This autumn we will be looking at the hugely important area of intercessory prayer.

2nd September Introducing Intercessory Prayer Rev Nick Cook
9th September What Prayer Accomplishes Rev Nick Cook
16th September Prayer and the Holy Spirit Rev Nick Cook
30th September Our Personal Response in prayer Rev Nick Cook
7th October Praying Evangelistically Rev Nick Cook
28th October Praying for the World Rev Nick Cook
4th November Praying Together Rev Nick Cook
11th November Prayer and Fasting Rev Nick Cook
18th November Persistence in Prayer Rev Nick Cook
25th November Listening to Gods voice Rev Nick Cook
9 December Waiting for God Rev Nick Cook

Sermons from other years:-