Sermons 2013 – List


This page lists some of the sermons preached in our church during 2013. It’s not a full list; we generally didn’t put up the evening services and most of the morning sermons are those related to a specific series, so ‘free preach’ Sundays weren’t usually added.
If you are interested in listening to any of these please email the Web Administrator.

[Please note: some of the older recordings are of variable quality due to problems with the sound system and variation of recording methods]


How Then Shall We Live?

This sermon series looks at the Ten Commandments and how we can apply them to the way we live.

6th January    Have no other Gods    Rev Nick Cook

13th January    Make no graven image    Rev Nick Cook

27th January    Don’t misuse God’s name   Rev Nick Cook

3rd February    Honour the Sabbath   Rev Nick Cook

10th February    Honour your parents   Rev Nick Cook

24th February am    Do not murder    Rev Nick Cook

24th February pm    Dealing with anger    Rev Nick Cook

3rd March    Do not commit adultery    Rev Nick Cook

10th March    Do Not Steal    Rev Nick Cook

17th March    Do not lie    Rev Nick Cook

24th March    Do not Covet    Rev Nick Cook [part of an All-Age service]


31st March     After the resurrection     Rev Nick Cook – Easter Sunday

Home Mission

We took a break in our series on the Ten Commandments to hear from Andrew Nicholson about the work of the Home Mission.

17th February Home Mission Mr Andrew Nicholson

Waiting for the Spirit

This sermon details the changes to leadership structure in MHBC and explains how we need to wait for the Holy  Spirit. It may help to download the powerpoint presentation for waiting for the spirit that was used along with the sermon (including Bible reading).

14th April Wait for the Spirit – growing the church Rev Nick Cook

General Sermons

The following are a selection of sermons that are not part of a sermon series.

21st April pm Sons of God Rev Nick Cook
28th April pm Guaranteed Hope Rev Nick Cook
5th May am Don’t worry Mr Jeff Lehman
19th May am The Anointing of the Holy Spirit Rev Nick Cook
2nd June am God as Trinity 1 Indescribable Rev Nick Cook
9th June am God as Trinity 2 – Invited into the Godhead Rev Nick Cook
16th June am God as Trinity (3) – The Dance of God Rev Nick Cook
30th June am God as Trinity (4) – We are one Rev Nick Cook
14th July am Alliances and Bonds Rev Nick Cook
21st July am Transforming our minds Rev Nick Cook
25th Aug am Why don’t they come? Rev Nick Cook
29th Sept am Do the Basics Rev Nick Cook


How Then Shall We Treat Others?

This sermon series looks at the apprenticeship of the disciples.

1st September Follow Jesus into the World Rev Nick Cook
8th September Jesus heals a leper Rev Nick Cook
15th September Having Authority Rev Nick Cook
20th October Welcome the Extremes Rev Nick Cook
27th October Jesus and John the Baptist Rev Nick Cook
3rd November Feeding the 5000 Very Rev Brandon Jackson
10th November Jesus walks on water Rev Nick Cook
17th November Those from Outside Rev Nick Cook
24th November You are the Christ Rev Nick Cook

29th Sept was the first of two Harvest services. The sermon from this Sunday can be found below.

Church 183rd Anniversary

On Sunday 13th October 2013 we celebrated the 183rd anniversary of Market Harborough Baptist Church with visiting preacher Helen Morris.

13th Oct am Prodigal Son Miss Helen Morris


Sermons from other years:-