Photos 2016

Some photos from church events appear on our Facebook page but the full set of photos are found here. Click in the centre of the photo to play or pause the slideshow. Please note, this page may take some time to load.

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Carols by Candlelight Dec 16

Carol service Dec 161 Carol service Dec 162 Carol service Dec 163 Carol service Dec 164 Carol service Dec 165 Carol service Dec 166 Carol service Dec 167 Carol service Dec 168 Carol service Dec 169 Carol service Dec 1610 Carol service Dec 1611 Carol service Dec 1612 Carol service Dec 1613 Carol service Dec 1614

Carols by Candlelight – a popular carol service at MHBC, held on the 4th Sunday in Advent – 18th December 2016.

Messy Church Nov 16

MessyNov161 MessyNov162 MessyNov163 MessyNov164 MessyNov165 MessyNov166 MessyNov167 MessyNov168 MessyNov169 MessyNov1610 MessyNov1611 MessyNov1612 MessyNov1613 MessyNov1614 MessyNov1615  MessyNov1616  MessyNov1617  MessyNov1618  MessyNov1620  MessyNov1619  MessyNov1622  MessyNov1623  MessyNov1624  MessyNov1625  MessyNov1626  MessyNov1627  MessyNov1629  MessyNov1630  MessyNov1631  MessyNov1632  MessyNov1633  MessyNov1634  MessyNov1635

Messy Church – Christmas crafts, songs, puppets, story with an Advent theme and tea for all to share – 27th November 2016.

All Age Remembrance Service Nov 16

Poppies of remembrance placed on the cross Flowers of peace.

All Age Remembrance Service –  Our all age remembrance service focused on peace and remembered those who have fallen and those who are fighting around the world – 13th November 2016.

Fish & Chip Quiz Nov 16

Fish and chips quiz1        Fish and chips quiz2        Fish and chips quiz3        Fish and chips quiz4        Fish and chips quiz5        Fish and chips quiz6        Fish and chips quiz7

Fish & chip Quiz – Fund raising Fish and Chip supper and Quiz at MHBC on 12th November 2016.

Messy Church Sept 16

'I can paint a rainbow..'              Making rainshakers            Making rainshakers    The animals go in two by two  The animals all get on the ark  Jasper sings 'Raindrops keep falling on my boat'  Noah sends out the dove  The Dove goes looking for a leaf  The band  Service Hands up 4 Jesus  Jasper the puppet  Dove prayer  Song 'Good Old Noah built an ark..'  '...and on that ark there ws a rabbit..'  ' i ee i o..'  Tea for all
'I can paint a rainbow..'

Messy Church – a Messy Church with a Noah’s Ark theme at MHBC on 18th September 2016.

Refugee Open Week

Forgotten Families Harvest display Harvest flowers
Forgotten Families

Refugee Open Week – The church was open for the week 12-16th September 2016 so people could prayerfully consider the plight of the forgotten families, refugees from war torn corners of the world.

Harborough by the Sea

Songs of Praise service Songs of Praise service   Songs of Praise service     Songs of Praise service     Songs of Praise service Songs of Praise service      Messy Church - 'Call to Worship'  Messy Church - 'Call to Worship'  Messy Church - 'Call to Worship'  Messy Church - craft for each day of creation      Messy Church Day 1 'Let there be light'  Messy Church Day 2 Sea and sky  Messy Church Day 3 Land and plants appear  Messy Church Day 4 Sun, moon and stars      Messy Church Day 5 Sea creatures  Messy Church Day 5 Sea creatures  Messy Church Day 6 Animals and people  Messy Church  Messy Church   Messy Church  Prayer tent     Afternoon tea by Mothers Union
Songs of Praise service

Harborough by the Sea – Churches Together held a Songs of Praise service in the town square. Worship was led by Rev Brian Kennard with testimonies and readings from other people. This was followed by a Messy Church led by Rev Nick Cook, with crafts, games, story and songs for families with young children. And the day finished with afternoon tea organised by the Mother’s Union.

Junior Church Trip to the Park

JCpark1 JCpark2 JCpark3 JCpark4 JCpark5 JCpark6 JCpark7 JCpark8 JCpark9 JCpark10

Park Trip – Some of the children who were on the Junior Church Anniversary trip to the park in honour and memory of Liz Cole – 17 July 2016.

Party at the CUBE


CUBE BBQ – A church family afternoon at the CUBE following the Junior Church anniversary service – 10th July 2016.

Triple Celebration Service

Adam's Dedication Ashley's Birthday Caroline's Baptism
Adam's Dedication

Celebration Service – Triple celebration for the White family. The Dedication of Adam White, Baptism of Caroline White and 17th birthday of Ashley – 3rd July 2016.

Good Friday on the Square

Procession from Welland Park started the service  Rev James Shakespeare led the service  Lead musician Stephen Pointer  Crowds enjoying the spring sunshine  Soloist   Rev Nick Cook  giving the talk    Rev Stephen Haward leads the prayer  Prayer Tent  Childrens crafts organised by the Evangelical Church  FairTrade stall  Foodbank  The CUBE  Hunger Lunch run by MHBC
Procession from Welland Park started the service

Good Friday –  Love in Action – The churches in town came together to help the people of Market Harborough celebrate what the churches do for you – 25th March 2016.