Sermons 2017

serviceThis page contains the sermons preached in our church so far in 2017.

The most recent sermons uploaded to this page are: “Plug into the vine and be transformed” delivered on the morning of Sunday 15th October by our BMS partner, Wit Boondeekhun from Thailand. Listen here or download below. This sermon is filed under ‘Path to Change’.

“Reflection on Psalm 130” delivered on the evening of 15th October, by Christopher Brown, MiT. This sermon is filed under ‘Psalm Reflections’.

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A Path to Change

1st Jan am    Wake Up    Sharon Cross

8th Jan am   A path to change: A new honesty    Rev Nick Cook

15th Jan am    Be ready to serve    Rev Nick Cook – Sermon at the Growing Leaders Commissioning Service.

29th Jan am    A path to change: A new humility    Christopher Brown, Minister inTraining

12th Feb am    A path to change: A new hunger    Rev Nick Cook

19th Feb am    A path to change: A new hurt    Rev Nick Cook

5th March am    A new harmony    Rev Nick Cook

12th March am    A New Hope    Christopher Brown, Minister in Training (MiT)

1st Oct am    Repent and Obey    Daniel James, visiting preacher

8th Oct pm    Hot or cold but not lukewarm    Janet Smith

15th Oct am    Plug into the vine and be transformed    Wit Boondeekhun, our BMS partner from Thailand

Church Vision 2017

3rd Sept am    Church Vision    presented by Jeff Bonser, Outreach Leader

17th Sept am    Becoming a Missional Church – The Basics    Rev Nick Cook

Spirituality & Mental Health

15th Jan pm    Think upon these things    Rev Nick Cook

29th Jan pm    Schizophrenia and Compassion    James Halsen

12th March pm    Shame and Depression    Rev Nick Cook

Easter 2017

2nd April am    The Anointing of Jesus    Christopher Brown, MiT

9th April am    From the lips of infants    Rev Nick Cook – Palm Sunday

9th April pm    God moves on    Rev Nick Cook – Palm Sunday

16th April am    Hear-Encounter-Believe    Christopher Brown, MiT – Easter Sunday Service

16th April pm    The Divine Exchange     Martin Russell

23rd April am    The Tree of Life & the life of trees    Gill Russell & Janet Smith – Eco Church service

Big Prayers

30th April pm    Gideon – Eek!    Rev Nick Cook

7th May pm    Paul – Ouch    Rev Nick Cook

1 Peter

11th June am    The Living Hope    Christopher Brown, MiT

18th June am    The Priesthood of Believers    Christopher Brown, MiT

25th June am    Let the Lord Reign    Christopher Brown, MiT

2nd July am    Living for God’s Glory    Christopher Brown, MiT

16th July am    Let God carry our burden    John Denney (Whetstone Baptist Church)

Psalm Reflections

11th June pm    Give your life to God – Reflection on Psalm 25     Christopher Brown, MiT

10th Sept pm    Reflections on water – Reflection on Psalms 69 & 65    Janet Smith

15th Oct pm    Reflection on Psalm 130    Christopher Brown, MiT

Children of the Kingdom

17th September pm    Slave or Son    Rev Nick Cook

24th September am    Sons of the Kingdom – You are Beloved    Rev Nick Cook

8th October am    You are a legitimate son    Rev Nick Cook

Contemplative Prayer

24th September pm    Be still in the presence of the Lord    Rev Nick Cook

General 2017

22nd Jan pm    Come Before Jesus     Christopher Brown, MiT

26th Feb am    Completion of faith    Rev Andrew Murphy (Methodist Church) – free church pulpit swap

26th Feb pm    Walking Together    Christopher Brown, MiT

19th March pm    Knowing and Growing    Martin Russell

26th March pm    Name above all names    Christopher Brown, MiT

30th April am    Journey in Faith    Rev Nick Cook

7th May am    Christ is the Head    Rev Nick Cook

14th May am    Speck or plank    Christopher Brown, MiT

21st May pm    Seek Listen Live    Rev Nick Cook

28th May am    Naomi – a hope finally fulfilled   Rev Nick Cook at the Baptism of Pam

4th June am    Go forward in faith    Rev Peter Lloyd (Gretton Baptist Church)

23rd July am    No excuse. Go, go, go    Janet Smith

6th August am    Who do you say I am    Christopher Brown, MiT

13th August am    Trust God    Daniel James, visiting preacher

20th August am    What do you see?    Colin Higham, visiting preacher

27th August pm    I Believe    Rev Malcolm Barrett

10th September am    A cup of cold water    Theo Lambourne, Operation Agri

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