Sermons 2014 – List

The sermons listed on this page have been archived. If you are interested in listening to any of them please contact the web administrator.

[Please note: some of the older recordings are of variable quality due to problems with the sound system and variation of recording methods]


Christmas Season 2014

Advent Sunday 1:   30 Nov 14   –   Wow moments   –   Rev Nick Cook

Advent Sunday 2:   07 Dec 14   –   Seeking Jesus   –   Rev Nick Cook

Advent Sunday 3:   14 Dec 14   –   Junior Church Christmas Service – no sermon

Advent Sunday 4:   21 Dec 14   –   Joy in the Darkness   –   Rev Nick Cook

Advent Sunday 4:   21 Dec 14 pm   –   The Righteous King   –   Rev Nick Cook

Christmas Eve:   24th Dec 14 pm   –   Jesus – The Word    –    Rev Brian Kennard (Methodist Church)

Christmas Day:   25th Dec 14 am   –   God Loves You    –    Jenny Young (Congregational Church)

28th Dec 2014 am   –   The Magi Understood   –   Mary Daniels

The Little Letters

7 Sept 14 pm  – 2 John  –  Rev Nick Cook

5 Oct 14 pm  –  3 John  –  Rev Nick Cook

19 Oct 14 pm  –  Jude  –  Rev Nick Cook

184th Church Anniversary

We were pleased to welcome the Rev Stuart Burns on the 184th anniversary of the Baptist Church in Market Harborough

12 Oct 14    –    The Early Church   –    Rev Stuart Burns

Please note, a technical problem with the digital recorder means the 2nd part of the sermon has been recovered from the tape recording.

What is expected from a Church –  1 Corinthians

A sermon series looking at 1 Corinthians. Please note the 7th sermon in this series is scheduled for 31st August.

11th May    The Perfect Church? – an introduction to Corinthians    Rev Nick Cook

18th May    A Divided Church    Rev Nick Cook

25th May    A Foolish Gospel- am    Rev Nick Cook

22nd June    Real Wisdom    Rev Nick Cook

29th June    Real Wisdom pt2    Rev Nick Cook

27th July    A True Foundation and a Sound Building    Rev Nick Cook

Services from 10th – 24th Aug were led by visiting preachers or Home Groups. The sermons are not available for download.

31st August    The Preachers Place    Rev Nick Cook

7th September    A Personal Plea   Rev Nick Cook

28th September    Discipline in the Church    Rev Nick Cook

General Sermons

The following are stand alone sermons, i.e. not part of a series.

6th April Give it all
Apologies for the variation in volume (due to failing batteries in the radio mic)
Rev Nick Cook
13th April Frangrant Offering Rev Nick Cook
20th April The Resurrection- Easter Sunday am
The Resurrection pt 2- pm
Rev Nick Cook
Rev Nick Cook
25th May King of Love- pm Rev Nick Cook
1st June Ascension Sunday Very Rev Brandon Jackson
20th July God is Love Mr Jeff Lehman
21st September A Chance to Discover Rev Nick Cook
16th November Sermon on the mount Very Rev Brandon Jackson
23rd November Who are we to Condemn? Rev Nick Cook
Christianity Explored – Introducing people to Jesus

As a church we are currenty doing the Christianity Explored course, in home groups and in the coffee shop on a Sunday morning. This sermon series supports the 7 week course, starting with the introduction on 2nd February.

2nd February  One Small Invitation Rev Nick Cook
9th February Why Evangelise? Rev Nick Cook
[powerpoint slides used in the sermon: What is the Gospel Sermon Slides 09Feb14am]
23rd February Gods Role in Evangelism and ours Rev Nick Cook
2nd March Jesus Identity Rev Nick Cook
16th March Jesus Rev Nick Cook
23rd March The call to respond Rev Nick Cook
30th March Great Expectations Rev Nick Cook
New Year Message – Book of Ezra
5th January Give God Something That Matters Rev Nick Cook
12th January Renew the foundations Rev Nick Cook
19th January Dealing with opposition Rev Nick Cook


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