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Here you will find the story from the most recent Messy Church at MHBC along with children’s activity pages for you to download and print and ideas of how you can use the prayer activity you made during the craft session.

25th February 2018 – ‘The Great Invitation’


The Great Invitation

One day a girl was getting ready to have a party. She got the invitations ready and took them round to her friends so they would know about the party. Her friend, Chris, had a new game for his PlayStation. He really wanted to try it out, but his friend really wanted him at her party, so he said he would go. She then took an invitation to her friend, Mary. Mary was talking to her new friend on the phone. She was planning to go round to see her. Her friend said, “Bring your new friend to the party too, anyone can come.” She then took an invitation to her neighbour. She wanted everyone to come to her party, but her neighbour didn’t want to go. He said he had more important things to do. When it was time for the party the children came and had a really good time. Everyone that is except for her neighbour. He could hear everyone having a good time and he wished he had accepted the invitation while he had the chance.

In the Bible, Jesus told a story about a man who had a great banquet (Luke 14:15-23). Jesus used the story to let people know that everyone is invited to God’s party. You can enjoy all that God has to offer, here and in heaven. You only have to say ‘Yes’, to following Jesus.


The video for the Lord’s Prayer Song  and Bendy Banana can be found on YouTube.

Prayer Placemat

Use the placemat when you have a meal and say the prayer before you eat.

Remember, you don’t have to be in church to pray. God is waiting to hear from you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Activities for children

Click on the link to print off an activity page.
story and colouring
Dot to Dot

Activity sheet solutions:-
Dot to Dot solution
Maze solution
wordsearch solution

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