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Here you will find the story from the most recent Messy Church at MHBC along with children’s activity pages for you to download and print and ideas of how you can use the prayer activity you made during the craft session.

26th November 2017 – ‘The  Christmas Story’


The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift the world has had
Is not a bike, nor an iPad
It’s not an X-box, nor a toy,
It is, in fact, a baby boy.

This happened many years ago,
And Mary was the first to know.
An angel said, ‘I’ve news for you…’
Then told her husband, Joseph, too

To Bethlehem they had to go,
By donkey, it was very slow.
There wasn’t any room to stay
Except a stable full of hay.

The baby Jesus born that night
Was wrapped in swaddling nice and tight.
Then Mary kissed him on his head
And found a manger for his bed.

While shepherds in a field nearby
Saw something happen in the sky.
A host of angels came to say,
“A special boy’s been born today.”

Above the stable rose a star,
Seen by the wise men from afar.
On their camels, gifts in hand,
They travelled to a foreign land.

Everyone who saw the boy
Was filled with peace, and love, and joy.
For Mary’s boy was God’s own son
And he came here for everyone.

When God sent his son he was giving us all the greatest gift he could give us. What are you going to do with it? Ignore it? Unwrap it and put it in a cupboard? Or have you thanked God for the gift and make the most of it?


The video for the Lord’s Prayer Song  and Bendy Banana can be found on YouTube.

Prayer Chain

Every day in December add another link to your prayer chain and say a prayer.

Remember, you don’t have to be in church to pray. God is waiting to hear from you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Activities for children

The following activities can be found in the Christmas Comic.
Click on the link to print off an activity page.
Spot the Difference
Dot to dot and Odd one out

Activity sheet solutions:-
Dot to dot solution
Odd one out solution
Maze solution
Sudoku solution
word search solution

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