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Here you will find the story from the most recent Messy Church at MHBC along with children’s activity pages for you to download and print and ideas of how you can use the prayer activity you made during the craft session.

25th June 2017 – ‘With God on your side you can do anything’

The Bible story comes from 1 Samuel 17 in the Old Testament.

David and Goliath

Goliath laughs at the idea that a boy will fight him.

This is a story about the Israelite army, the Philistine army and an ordinary boy who was braver than the lot of them.

The Israelites were God’s people and they were ruled by King Saul. They weren’t getting on with the Philistines so Saul and his soldiers went to fight the Philistines. However, the Philistine army had a giant of a man called Goliath. Goliath was huge, taller than anyone you have ever seen.

He was a great warrior, so everyone was scared of him no one wanted to fight him. Every morning and every evening Goliath stood there shouting, “I dare you to fight me! I dare anyone to fight me!”

David was a young shepherd boy from an Israelite family. Just an ordinary boy who looked after sheep. He was the youngest of 8 brothers. Three of David’s older brothers were soldiers in King Saul’s army. One day David’s father sent him to find out how his brothers were getting on.

When he got there, David could hear Goliath shouting at King Saul’s army. “I dare you to fight me. I dare any one of you to come and fight me!” No one moved. David looked at the other soldiers. This was God’s army and no one was doing anything to sort out this big bully. David went to see the king. “I’m not scared. I can fight Goliath for you,” he told King Saul.

David was only a boy but he had a very special friend. He was friends with God. When he was at home, he sat out in the fields looking after the sheep, talking to God and singing songs about him. Sometimes a lion or bear tried to take a lamb and David had to fight them off. God kept David safe from lions and bears. David only had the courage because he knew that God would keep him safe from this giant too.

King Saul gave David his armour, but the king’s armour was too big and heavy for David. He couldn’t possibly fight in that, and anyway, he didn’t need it, he had God on his side.

So David went to fight Goliath in his own clothes, on his way, he picked up 5 smooth stones and put them in his bag. When Goliath saw him coming he jeered at David, “What is this? A boy, with nothing more than a sling, and you have come to fight me!”

David took one of the five stones from his bag. Put it in his sling and fired it at Goliath. The stone hit Goliath right on the forehead and knocked him flat out.

Sometimes we face things that make us afraid, or seem too big for us to handle. But God is bigger than all our problems and if we ask him, he will always help us get through them.


The video for the Lord’s Prayer Song  can be found on YouTube.

Prayer Stones

Each evening as part of the bedtime routine close your eyes and take one of the stones out of the bag. Use it to help you think of a prayer that you can say to God.

You don’t have to be in church to pray. God is waiting to hear from you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Activities for children

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Story and colouring
Spot the difference
word search

Activity sheet solutions:-
Spot the difference solution
word search solution
Maze solution 


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