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Here you will find the story from the most recent Messy Church at MHBC along with children’s activity pages for you to download and print and ideas of how you can use the prayer activity you made during the craft session.

15th April 2018 – ‘The Unforgiving Servant’


The Unforgiving Servant

There was once a king who called his chief servants together. It was time to audit the accounts. To see who owed the king money and get them to pay it back.

Well….one servant had stepped way out of line. When they added it all up, he had borrowed billions of pounds. Ooohhh, he was in big trouble; he had no way of paying it all back.

The King really wasn’t happy, “Right have him, his family, and all their stuff sold, to pay back some of the money he owes me.”

The servant threw himself to his knees in front of the King and begged him for more time to pay the debt, “Please, please, please, give me more time to pay”. The king didn’t just give the servant more time, he had mercy on him. And even though the servant didn’t deserve it, the king cancelled the debt completely.

The servant didn’t owe a single penny. And he was free to go.

So the grateful servant left the king and rushed home to tell his family the good news. But on the way he met a man who owed him money. It was a much smaller debt, it wasn’t billions like the servant had owed the king.

He was furious with the man. He grabbed him and told the man that he had to pay him every penny. The man begged him for mercy and asked for more time to pay. But, do you know what, the servant didn’t forgive him, and he had him thrown into prison.

When the king heard what had happened he really wasn’t happy. He called the servant in and had a right go at him. “I forgave you a huge debt. Don’t you think you should have done the same for the man who owed you?” and he sent him to prison until the debt was paid.

Jesus told us this story so we would know that God will forgive us for whatever we have done, no matter how big. But, if we want his forgiveness then it’s really important that we forgive other people.


The video for the Lord’s Prayer Song  and Bendy Banana can be found on YouTube.

Prayer Fizz

Have you opened the envelope that you took away? When you need to forgive someone for something, open the envelope and use the fizzy tablet and prayer to ask God to help you forgive.

Remember, you don’t have to be in church to pray. God is waiting to hear from you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Activities for children

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