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Here you will find the story from the most recent Messy Church at MHBC along with children’s activity pages for you to download and print and ideas of how you can use the prayer activity you made during the craft session.

30th April 2017 – ‘Jesus is with you – not just in church’

The Bible story comes from John 21:1-19 in the New Testament.

Barbeque on the beach and a miraculous catch of fish

After Jesus died and came back to life he told his friends, the disciples that he’d meet them in Galilee.

Before Peter and his mates went off with Jesus they had been fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. So as they waited for Jesus to turn up they went fishing. They were fishing all night but didn’t catch a single fish.

Early the next morning Jesus arrived on the beach. He saw the men out on the water and he knew they hadn’t caught any fish. He called to them, “Friends, have you caught anything?” They didn’t realise that it was Jesus on the beach. He told them to throw their net on the other side of the boat. Then he made a miracle happen so that when they pulled the net up it was full of fish.

The miraculous catch of fish made them realise that it was Jesus on the beach. Peter jumped out of the boat, splashed through the water and ran up the beach to see Jesus. He was cooking fish on a fire. Jesus gave Peter some bread and fish for his breakfast and then told Peter about the plan he had for his life.

Jesus helped Peter when he was fishing, he fed Peter when he was hungry, and he had a plan for Peter’s life. Jesus wants to help you too and he has a plan for your life, if you trust him.


The video for the Lord’s Prayer Song  can be found on YouTube.

Prayer Boat

Each evening as part of the bedtime routine close your eyes and take one of the fish out of the prayer boat. Use the suggestion on the fish to help you think of a prayer that you can say to God.

You don’t have to be in church to pray. God is waiting to hear from you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Activities for children

Click on the link to print off an activity page.

Story and colouring
Spot the difference
Word search

Activity sheet solutions:-
Spot the difference solution
Word search solution
Maze Solution


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