Church Lending Library

The Church Lending Library has over 600 books which have been labelled by Category (listed below) and given a Unique Accession Number.

There are two lists of books:

  1. one by Author within Category, and
  2. one by publication date within Author.

If you like a particular author or are looking for a book on a particular topic, then check the lists by clicking on Author or Category or reading through the printed sheets in the Church Lounge.


Bible commentaries/studies BC Evangelism E
Bible study – books of Bible BC-B Family Issues F
Bible study – people BC-P General Christianity G
Bible study – topics BC-T Healing H
Bibles B Holy Spirit HS
Biography BG Novels N
Bereavement BR Prayer / How to pray P
Children’s books C Training / Course booklets T
Church CH Young People’s books Y
Devotional Books D

Reference Books
Any Reference books, labelled as R and given a unique Accession number will be kept separately from the Lending Library books.

Borrowing Folder
To borrow a book, enter the following information in the Library Loan Book:

  1.   Book No. (found inside the book cover, in the first few pages)
  2.   Author
  3.   Title
  4.   Borrowed by
  5.   Date borrowed

On returning a book:

  1.   Enter the return date in the Library Loan Book and
  2.   Put the book in the Returns basket.

Sharing with others

If you enjoy a book then please write a review and send it to the Library administrators.

If you think a book is incorrectly catalogued then please email the Library administrators.

In both cases, give the Category and Unique Accession number.

Last updated: May 2017