Church Lending Library

The Church Lending Library has over 600 books which have been labelled by Category (listed below) and given a Unique Accession Number.

There are two lists of books:

  1. one by Author within Category, and
  2. one by publication date within Author.

If you like a particular author or are looking for a book on a particular topic, then check the lists by clicking on Author or Category or reading through the printed sheets in the Church Lounge.

Recently added books are listed on the Accession list from number 655.


Bible commentaries/studies BC Evangelism E
Bible study – books of Bible BC-B Family Issues F
Bible study – people BC-P General Christianity G
Bible study – topics BC-T Healing H
Bibles B Holy Spirit HS
Biography BG Novels N
Bereavement BR Prayer / How to pray P
Children’s books C Training / Course booklets T
Church CH Young People’s books Y
Devotional Books D

Reference Books
Any Reference books, labelled as R and given a unique Accession number will be kept separately from the Lending Library books.

Borrowing Folder
To borrow a book, enter the following information in the Library Loan Book:

  1.   Book No. (found inside the book cover, in the first few pages)
  2.   Author
  3.   Title
  4.   Borrowed by
  5.   Date borrowed

On returning a book:

  1.   Enter the return date in the Library Loan Book and
  2.   Put the book in the Returns basket.

Sharing with others

If you enjoy a book then please write a review and send it to the Library administrators.

If you think a book is incorrectly catalogued then please email the Library administrators.

In both cases, give the Category and Unique Accession number.

Last updated: October 2017