9th December , 2018

Welcome to our  Worship


10 am Morning Service &  Holy Communion led by  Christopher

Today is the 2nd Sunday of Advent when the young people light a candle to remind us of God’s gift of the Bible ! – the Bible points us to Jesus the light of the world !   A candle will be lit each Sunday leading up to Christmas.

The children and young people, will leave us during the service to go to Junior Church and any visiting children are invited to join them.  A Crèche for babies, toddlers & foundation stage is also available at this time.  Please collect your child immediately after the service, as the volunteers cannot look after them during coffee time.

If you are new, then we would love to say hello, so do join us for coffee.  Please take a church leaflet and response card (which can be found in the pews).  If you complete the card, hand it to a steward or post it in the ‘Prayer Box’ in  entrance area – we’ll be in touch soon.

Do join us for Morning Coffee, served after the service – in the New Horizons Cafe.  We thank Wendy O for preparing it today.

Offering Stewards: Beryl, Susannah, Mandy, Dilys. Upstairs: Sonia.

6 pm Christmas Youth Service led by the Baptist Youth Club


10 am       Morning Worship including Junior Church and Crèche

with Communion on the third Sunday of the month

6 pm Evening Worship with Communion on the first Sunday of the month


Church Office 01858 410693   Charity Reg. No. 1132945.       New Horizons Cafe 01858 414948

Minister: Church in Interregnum

Minister in Training: Mr Christopher Brown,

Church Administrator: Christine Wiseman:


A very warm welcome to all who join us today on this second Sunday in Advent.  This morning we celebrate Holy Communion (gluten free bread available in white dishes).  This evening our young people from the BYC (Baptist Youth Club) will lead a Christmas service, do come along and support them.

Our next Church Members Meeting is tomorrow Monday 10 December at 7:30 pm in the church sanctuary.  This is an important meeting when the 2019 Budget will be discussed.  The Leadership ask that members please make every effort to attend.

Christmas ‘18

Invitation leaflets for Christmas Services and events: this is the time of year many people will come to church, if asked.  Please pray about who you could invite.  Leaflets are available along with ‘Christmas Hope’ magazines  in church and New Horizons Café.

The Christmas Post Box will be in church – today and next Sunday 16 December, for your cards to church folk only who can collect, we do not deliver – please add surname.  Donations in lieu of postage please (for Spurgeon’s) in the plate on top of the box.

Angel Tree Project – sending gifts to children whose fathers are in HMP Gartree.  All the gift tags have now been given out.  A big thank you to all who have helped this year.

Torch Trust annual “Sight Loss Friendly Carol Service” at 2 pm on Wed 12 Dec at Torch House.  All welcome !

‘Sing Christmas’ on BBC Radio Leicester 104.9 FM & DAB will take place at 7 pm on Monday 17 December.

Christmas Eve: Joint Free Church Midnight Communion service in our church at 11:45 pm 24 December.

Christmas Day: At 9 am on Christmas morning we will visit Lenthall House – join us as we begin Christmas Day singing carols to the residents there, led by Alan & Janet Smith. Following this at 10 am the free churches in Harborough will join together in our church sanctuary for a short Christmas Day Service.  Do join us !

Do remember to collect your December Outlook and church Christmas Card from the box at the back of church.  Donations towards the cost of printing the magazine will be most welcome, in the white tub.

Sunday Welcome Teams ‘19. A new rota will shortly be set up.  Duties include welcoming on the door, giving out books/news-sheet & taking up the offering. If you would like to join, or step down, please contact Audrey N.

Coffee Rota’19.  Please help serve coffee after our morning services !  Rose will be preparing a Rota for 2019, and will be pleased to hear from you.

Flower Rota 2019.  If you wish to donate flowers to beautify the sanctuary during the year, please add your name to the list on the Notice Board.  Also please indicate if you will be arranging them yourself.  It would be lovely if more people could help with the actual flower arranging – if you would like to help please contact Margaret H.

In the New Year two of our loyal members of the congregation will not be able to attend morning service on some of the Sundays each month, unless we have more drivers on the regular Transport rota. We need one driver on the 3rd Sunday, one on the 4th and 5th Sundays. Please pray about this and if you are able to help, please contact Dilys.

Jubilee Foodbank requirements this week:  Rice pudding, small teabags (40g), small jars coffee, custard tinned or instant, mash potatoes, tinned meat, pkts of sweet biscuits, straight spaghetti, white rice, small bags sugar, angel delight or similar, tins of fruit, any cereal (corn flakes, shredded wheat, rice crispies, Weetabix etc.  Collection box for your items is in the corridor.

Free Parking in Harborough on Saturday’s in December – see Noticeboard for details !

THANK YOU   for your support on all these Notices

DIARY:  Week ending:  15 December, 2018See church notice-board for more details

Monday 10th

9 am      Breakfast Prayer

7:30 pm    Church Members Meeting in Sanctuary

Tuesday 11th

10 am    Turquoise Home Group

7:30 pm    White & Yellow Home Groups

Wednesday 12th

8:30 am    Signs of Life at Bower House

1:30 pm    Fun & Friends

2-4pm    Torch Trust “Sight Loss Friendly Carol Service” at Torch House.  All Welcome.

7:30 pm  Green Home Group

Thursday 13th

10:30 am    Orange Home Group

1 pm    HYACT Prayer at The Cube

7:30 pm    FOCUS.  Advent Words & Music at Lindy’s

Friday 14th

2 – 3 pm    Welland Park Pre-School Christmas Service

Next Sunday: 16th December  ADVENT 3

     10 am      Junior Church All Age Nativity

6 pm     Carols by Candlelight  led by Christopher 

Offering Stewards:  Maureen, Joan, Margaret H, Judith.  Coffee: John G.  Pianist: Dave H.

New Year Diary Dates:

Friday 11 January at 5 pm “Peace Vigil” on The Square

14-19 January.  Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

‘Stay wide awake in prayer’    1 Peter 4 :7

If we want to see things happen we must pray!  But the truth is, as much as it’s a joy to pray, prayer can be hard work. We offer these prayer pointers to focus your prayers and to maximise the ministry of our church!    We pray because we know prayer works!

PRAYER POINTERS….10th – 16th December

Monday 10th: A Prayer for our church meeting this evening, “As we meet to discuss the life and work of MHBC we pray that you enter into our discussion. May your Spirit move in our hearts, opening them to hear what each of us has to offer, bringing light to both possibilities and realities. With humility and gratitude, together we offer our time, talent and monetary resources to your service and glory. May your wisdom enfold us as we continue to build your kingdom.” Amen.

Tuesday 11th: Pray for those whose names begin with I, J & K.

Wednesday 12th: Pray for Christopher our Minister in Training today, that he may experience God’s presence, peace and blessings in all that he undertakes.

Thursday 13th:   Pray for the ladies of Focus this evening as they meet to reflect upon Advent and Christmas. Thank God for the opportunity to share fellowship together.

Friday 14th: Pray for the staff and volunteers who work in our café as they face staff changes. Bless them as they seek to reach out to customers old and new this Christmas.

Saturday 15th: Pray for the local annual “Oxmas” coffee morning and lunch today as it raises money for Oxfam. Thank God for the long-established work of this charity and the local ‘Friends of Oxfam’ group as it continues to work, act and speak out to alleviate poverty.

Sunday 16th: A prayer for the third Sunday of Advent, “Jesus our Prince of Peace, we pray that every time a carol is sung, a Christmas greeting spoken, a nativity play performed, that your name be honoured and glorified and that hard hearts be melted to receive you afresh.” Amen. Pray today for the Junior Church as they present the Christmas story and for all who will gather for our Carols by Candlelight service this evening.

Local: Pray for all those who will be working locally over Christmas to manage our emergency services. Pray that they might be given the wisdom to deal with each situation they face, and that God would watch over them whilst they work and keep them safe.

National: Pray for national Christian debt counselling charities like Christians Against Poverty at this season of extreme consumerism. Pray for those advisers and counsellors as they offer support to those seeking advice to help manage their finances more effectively.

International: Pray for peace on earth this Christmas, especially in the Middle East the place of Christ’s birth. Pray that the peace Jesus came to bring will descend on human hearts, quenching anger and dissolving hate.

 If you would like prayer after a church service, please go to the Prayer Corner where someone will be pleased to pray with you.  For more privacy the Prayer Team will use the Vestry.  Inclusion in prayer emails or need a visit ?  then please contact our Pastoral Leader: Lindy.

Please join us as we meet in the Lounge for 25 minutes before our morning service for PRAYER and LISTENING to GOD’S VOICE  from 9:30 – 9:55 am, leaving five minutes to prepare for worship in the sanctuary.