20th May, 2018


Welcome to our  Worship


10 am Morning Service led by our minister, Nick

The children and young people, will leave us during the service to go to Junior Church and any visiting children are invited to join them.  A Crèche for babies, toddlers and foundation stage children is also available at this time.  Please collect your child immediately after the service, as the volunteers cannot look after them during coffee time.

If you are new, then we would love to say hello, so please join us for coffee.  Please take a church leaflet and response card (which can be found in the pews).  If you complete the card, hand it to a steward or post it in the ‘Prayer Box’ in the entrance area – then we’ll be in touch soon.

Do join us for Morning Coffee – served upstairs in New Horizons Hall and downstairs in the Lounge.  We thank  Wendy for preparing it today.

1 pm  Churches Together in Harborough Family Fun Afternoon at The Cube

5:30 pm BYC Youth Service at The Cube

6 pm Evening Service at church ending

“Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer

led by Sharon & Janet


10 am       Morning Worship including Junior Church and Crèche

with Communion on the third Sunday of the month

6 pm Evening Worship including Youth Service every other week;

with Communion on the first Sunday of the month


Church Office 01858 410693   Charity Reg. No. 1132945.  New Horizons Cafe 01858 414948

Minister Rev Nicholas J. A. Cook.   01858 410693 :

Minister in Training: Mr Christopher Brown,

Church Administrator: Christine Wiseman:


TODAY is “Pentecost” when the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus’ disciples, and when we celebrate the birthday of the Christian church.

This morning’s service will be a Reflection on yesterday’s Royal Wedding celebration, with an invite to “Join the Bridal Party”.

Following on, this afternoon from 1pm at The Cube, Symington’s Rec., we will join with the other churches in town for a CTH Family Fun Afternoon.  Do come along and join in the fun, – please bring your own picnic lunch with seats or picnic rug.  We will:

¨ Run a BBQ.  Bring your own food to cook if you wish

¨ Run the pizza oven.  Donations welcome

¨ Supply teas, coffees and squash

¨ Make our outside games available

This evening our youth will hold their own Youth Service at 5:30 pm at The Cube, led by Ady and our minister, Nick.  Our evening service here will be led by Sharon and Janet at the usual time of 6 pm in the sanctuary.

“Thy Kingdom Come”- the Global Wave of Prayer, continues daily at 6 pm.   The Prayer time will finish during our Sunday Evening service (20th). Do join with us.   For details see website.

A big thank you to all who helped with the street collecting for Christian Aid. As the town expands there may have been streets not covered by one of the town churches. To overcome this, every member of the congregation received an envelope.  In this way you will still be able to make your individual donation. Please place these in our collection plate today 20th and next week 27 May.  (Spare envelopes at back of church)  A collection tin is also in the New Horizons Cafe as in previous years.  Any queries, please contact Dilys or Rose.

A big thank you to all who helped at yesterday’s ROYAL WEDDING CELEBRATION in our New Horizons Café and Manor Walk.

Please remember in prayer, our Minister in Training, Christopher, as he prepares for his exams.

FOCUS  Thursday 24 May.  Ann & Charles Barton will give a talk on the New Futures Hope Centre in Nepal – an Orphanage in Kathmandu.  This is an open evening, and we are all invited to attend.   Please do come along and support the ladies of FOCUS.

The training course for Worship Leaders led by Chris Bowater continues at Harborough Community Church, Bath Street on Wednesday 30 May at 7pm.  Session 2: Worship – an Encounter more than an Event.

Our next MESSY CHURCH is on Sunday 10 June from 3 – 5pm. Please help provide tea items – see list on main notice board. Thank you.

Men’s Breakfast Saturday 16 June at 8:30 am at Enigma Cafe Bar, opposite MHBC, in Coventry Road.  Enjoy a full English breakfast including tea/coffee for £6.50    Tickets available shortly from David C.

We just have one vital role in our church family, which needs to be filled as soon as possible please – Transport Co-ordinator. The Leadership ask that you all prayerfully consider and seek if God is leading you to this role.  Full details available, please speak to our church secretary or one of the Leadership Team.

Jubilee Foodbank require this week: Cartons – long life fruit juice & milk, packs – mashed potato, small bags of sugar, small jars or packs of instant Coffee.  Tins  – meat in sauce, hot dogs, carrots, peas, sweetcorn,  fruit, rice pudding.  No more pasta, tinned tomatoes or spaghetti, thank you.  Collection box for your items is in the corridor.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) are looking for local volunteers to join their team in a variety of roles: Speaker, Prayer Group Leader, Fundraiser, Church Representative.  If you would like to help call 01303 851955 or email:   See Poster on Noticeboard.

THANK YOU   for your support on all these Notices


DIARY:  Week ending:  26 May, 2018See church notice-board for more details

Monday 21st

9am Breakfast Prayer

Tuesday 22nd

9 am Ministry Team Prayer

10 am Turquoise Home Group

2:00 pm Red Home Group

7:30 pm White & Yellow Home Groups

Wednesday 23rd

8:30 am Signs of Life at The Bower House

1:30 pm Fun & Friends

Thursday 24th

10:30 am          Orange Home Group

1 pm HYACT Prayer

2:30 pm Purple Home Group

7:15 pm CTH AGM & Forum at Methodist church

7:30 pm FOCUS open meeting – ‘New Futures Hope Centre’, of Nepal.

Next Sunday: 27th May  

   10 am Morning Service  led by our minister, Nick

    6 pm Evening Service led by our minister, Nick

7:15 pm Lenthall House led by our minister, Nick

Offering Stewards: Penny, Wendy, Lindy, John C.  Upstairs: Laura. Coffee: John G.  Pianist: Trevor.

‘Stay wide awake in prayer’    1 Peter 4 :7

If we want to see things happen we must pray!  But the truth is, as much as it’s a joy to pray, prayer can be hard work. We offer these prayer pointers to focus your prayers and to maximise the ministry of our church!    We pray because we know prayer works!

Prayer Pointers ……..21 – 27th May.

Monday 21st: At the end of Christian Aid Week, pray for those who make decisions around how the money is used. Pray for the charity as it continues to fight injustice, respond to humanitarian emergencies, campaign for change and help people across the world claim the services and rights they are entitled to.

Tuesday 22nd: Pray for those of our church family whose names begin with L & M.

Wednesday 23rd:  Pray for the young people of our church as they sit public tests and exams. Pray for their minds to be alert, their memories to be sharp and for their nerves to be calm. Pray too for parents and carers, for wisdom, kindness and understanding to be with them as they support their children through this often-challenging time.

Thursday 24th: Pray for CTH AGM and Forum this evening, thanking God for the positive relationships enjoyed between the churches of our town as they fulfil their common purpose to worship God, share the good news about Jesus Christ and to work for the good of all people.

Friday 25th: Pray for the Street Pastors in our town as they patrol the streets this evening. Thank God that prayer is at the heart of what street pastors do, and that they are part of a bigger team that is praying for them.

Saturday 26th: Pray for Christopher as he submits his written assignments and prepares for his end of year exams. Pray too for Louise and the girls as they support him

Sunday 27th: A prayer for today. “Lord, we recall your faithfulness. Thank you that you walk with us every day, that you are with us in each moment. Thank you that your promises are true, and your goodness never fails us.” Amen

Local: Thank God for our town’s church leaders. Pray that they might walk in a manner worthy of their calling. That they may be patient with one another, bearing with one another in love as they continue their walk with God.

National: Pray for Manchester as the city remembers the 1st anniversary of the Manchester bombing. For the many religious & civic events planned providing opportunities for people to come together remembering those who died, their families, the injured and all affected by the tragedy.

International: A prayer for peace in the Middle East. “Spirit of the living God come afresh on your holy land. Help your people restore broken relationships. Give them patience to break down barriers of suspicion and mistrust; the ability to discern personal prejudices and courage to overcome fear. Teach them to respect each other’s integrity & rights so that your kingdom may be established on earth.” Amen.

If you would like prayer after a church service, please go to the Prayer Corner where someone will be pleased to pray with you.  For more privacy the Prayer Team will use the Vestry.  Inclusion in prayer emails or need a visit ?  then please contact our Pastoral Leader: Lindy.

Please join us as we meet in the Lounge for 25 minutes before our morning service for PRAYER and LISTENING to GOD’S VOICE  from 9:30 – 9:55 am, leaving five minutes to prepare for worship in the sanctuary.