Sermons 2015

serviceThis page contains the sermons preached in our church during 2015.

The most recent sermon uploaded to this page is : “Your Journey” delivered on the morning of 27th December 2015 by Sharon Cross. Available to listen to here or download below (filed under ‘End of Year Message’).

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The sermons are grouped according to the sermon series they are part of. Visiting preachers and stand alone sermons can be found under the heading ‘General’.

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End of Year Message

27th Dec am    Your Journey    Sharon Cross

Advent 15 – What makes Christmas Special?

29th Nov am    Home    Rev Nick Cook

6th Dec am    Greeting Cards    Rev Nick Cook

13th Dec pm    Snow    Rev Nick Cook

20th Dec am    Trees    Rev Nick Cook

20th Dec pm    Presents    Rev Nick Cook (Carols by Candlelight service)

The Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services were held at the Methodist Church so the sermons are not available on this website.

Church Vision

11th Oct am    Celebrate the Past    Rev Nick Cook

18th Oct am    Taking Stock of the Present    Rev Nick Cook

25th Oct am    Trust for the Future    Rev Nick Cook [due to a problem with the digital recorded this sermon was taken from the taped recording. Therefore the quality isn’t as good as normal and the end of the reading and start of the sermon is missing]

Prior to this sermon, Nick showed a Baptist Home Mission video about Shoreditch Tabernacle. We recommend you view this before listening to the sermon.

1st Nov am    Food for the Journey    Janet Smith [Pictures – the paintings by Dinah Roe Kendall as referred to in the talk)

– Growing Disciples

15th Nov am    What are we here for?    Rev Nick Cook

22nd Nov am    Learning to Love    Rev Nick Cook


Baptist Core Principles

24th May am    A Prophetic Community    Rev Nick Cook

31st May am    An Inclusive Community    Rev Nick Cook (Rublev Icon picture)

14th June am    A Sacrificial Community    Jeff Lehman

21st June am    A Missionary Community    Rev Nick Cook

28th June am    A Worshiping Community    Rev Nick Cook


The General Election

19th April am    Caring for the Young    Rev Nick Cook    (slides)

26th April am    Livelihoods and Dignity    Rev Nick Cook    (slides)

3rd May am    It’s the Economy, Stupid!    Rev Nick Cook    (slides)


Easter 2015

29th Mar am    The Coming of the Son of Man    Rev Nick Cook    (Palm Sunday)

5th April am    The Risen Christ in the Garden    Rev Nick Cook    (Easter Sunday)



This is a continuation of a sermon series on 1 Corinthians started in May 2014.

1st Feb 15 am    For the Married    Rev Nick Cook

15th Feb 15 am    For the Divorced    Rev Nick Cook

1st Mar 15 am    For the Dissatisfied    Jeff Lehman

8th Mar 15 am    For the Single    Rev Nick Cook

15th Mar 15 am    The Family of the Church    Rev Nick Cook   (Mothering Sunday)

22nd Mar 15 am    Stay Focussed    Rev Nick Cook


Big Prayers

18th Jan 15 pm    Abraham – What if?    Rev Nick Cook

1st Feb 15 pm    Hannah – Please!   Rev Nick Cook

8th Feb 15 pm    Jacob – Aaarrrgghh!    Rev Nick Cook

15th Feb 15 pm    Elisha – Look!    Rev Nick Cook

22nd Feb 15 pm    Elijah – Meh!    Rev Nick Cook (youth talk) and Mary Daniels

1st Mar 15 pm    Isaiah – Me?    Rev Nick Cook

8th Mar 15 pm    Nehemiah – O WOT!    Rev Nick Cook (youth talk)

15th Mar 15 pm    Jesus – Unite    Rev Nick Cook

19th April 15 pm    David – Sorry    Rev Nick Cook

3rd May 15 pm    Moses – Stop!    Rev Nick Cook

17th May 15 pm    Daniel – How?    Rev Nick Cook

31st May 15 pm    Job – Oh!    Rev Nick Cook

14th June 15 pm    David – Hooray    Rev Nick Cook

5th July 15 pm    Paul – Fab!    Rev Nick Cook



22nd Feb 15 am   Reconciliation    The Very Rev Brandon Jackson

12th April 15 am    Life with Jesus – Baptism Sermon    Rev Nick Cook

12th April 15 pm    Are you ready to follow Jesus?    Mr Andrew Nicholson

17th May 15 am    Be led by the Spirit    Rev Dianne Tidball (EMBA Team Leader & Regional Manager)

7th June 15 am    Equal in the Eyes of God    Mr Colin Basse

28th June 15 pm    The Fall and Rebirth    Mr Dave Angell

12th July 15 am    From Tourist to Citizen    Rev Frances Ballantyne

19th July 15 am    God’s Purpose for Good    Rev Nick Cook

19th July 15 pm    Take the Gospel to the World    Rev Nick Cook

26th July 15 am    Enjoy God’s Forgiveness    Rev Nick Cook

9th Aug 15 am    Sorry…..What is sin?    Rev Nick Cook

16th Aug am    The Transfiguration    Christopher Brown

23rd Aug am    How Strong is Your Faith    Rev Peter Lloyd

6th Sept am    All of it?    Rev Nick Cook

13th Sept am    Partnering in the Gospel    Rev Nick Cook (Operation Agri – ‘Building a better future in Bangladesh’)

13th Sept pm    Taming the Tongue    Rev Nick Cook

20th Sept am    Rugby and Religion    Rev Nick Cook (Festival of Rugby, Songs of Praise Service)

27th Sept am    All Creation Groaning    Rev Nick Cook

27th Sept pm    Finishing Well    Philip Hatton

4th Oct am    If you want to walk on water    Rev Carole Elphick (185th Church Anniversary)

1st Nov pm    God is with us    Rev Nick Cook


CTH United Service at MH Baptist Church

25th Jan 15 am    CTH United Service    Rev Nick Cook


New Year Message – what is God’s purpose for you?

4th Jan 15 am    Find Rest for Your Soul    Rev Nick Cook

4th Jan 15 pm    Possessing Everything    Rev Nick Cook

11th Jan 15 am    Give Us the Vision    Rev Nick Cook

18th Jan 15 am    SHAPES for Service    Rev Nick Cook


We have archived sermons from previous years but they are still available by contacting the Web Administrator. To view the list of sermon recordings available click on the years below.