Sermons 2018

This page contains the sermons preached in our church in 2018.

The most recent sermon uploaded to this page is:
“Do you Really Know Jesus?”, delivered on 30th December 2018 by Martin Russell. Listen to it here or download below. This sermon is part of the series, “Advent and Christmas 2018”.

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New Year Message 2018

31st Dec am    Connect & Grow   Sharon Cross
7th Jan am    Epiphany – Stepping out    Christopher Brown, Minister in Training (MiT)
14th Jan am    What is important to God?    Rev Nick Cook
New School Year 2nd Sept am    Clothe yourself in humility    Christopher Brown (MiT)

Strength in Weakness – 2 Corinthians

14th Jan pm    Suffering has a purpose   Rev Nick Cook
28th Jan pm    It starts from the heart    Rev Nick Cook
4th Feb pm    It’s an open secret    Rev Nick Cook
11th Feb pm    The calling of the preacher    Rev Nick Cook
18th Feb pm    Treasure in jars of clay    Rev Nick Cook
25th Feb pm    What happens after death?    Rev Nick Cook
15th April pm    The call of the Evangelist    Rev Nick Cook
27th May pm    Living as the Gospel    Rev Nick Cook
10th June pm    Two kinds of repentance    Rev Nick Cook

Cross Examination

28th Jan am    God in the Dock    Rev Nick Cook
11th Feb am    You can’t believe that!    Rev Nick Cook
18th Feb am    The problem with sin    Rev Martin Aston
25th Feb am    Fatal Attraction    Rev Nick Cook
4th March am    Divine Justice    Rev Nick Cook
18th March am    Messiah: The Promise    Rev Nick Cook
25th March am    The executed Messiah    Rev Nick Cook
8th April am    Repent, Believe & Live for God    Rev Nick Cook
15th April am    Resurrection Life    Rev Nick Cook
22nd April am    Cross-shaped life    Rev Nick Cook

Easter 2018

1st April am    Go and tell the Good News    Rev Nick Cook
1st April pm    The Credit of Grace?    Rev Nick Cook

The Way of the Heart

22nd April pm    Solitude    Rev Nick Cook
1st July pm    Silence    Rev Nick Cook
22nd July pm    Prayer    Rev Nick Cook

Travelling people of God

13th May am     Move on and claim the promise    Rev Nick Cook
27th May am    Afraid of the future?    Rev Nick Cook
3rd June am    Time to begin again    Rev Nick Cook
17th June am    Worship God Alone    Rev Nick Cook
22nd July am    God’s people in a new land   Rev Nick Cook
19th August am    God’s word for a time of change     Rev Nick Cook
26th August am    Learn from the Past    Rev Nick Cook
9th September am – due to technical problems this sermon is not available
23rd September am    Stay close to God    Rev Nick Cook – Final sermon to MHBC Congregation

Grow in the Spirit

29th July am    Spiritual Growth    Christopher Brown, MiT
5th August am    Spiritual Gifts    Christopher Brown, MiT

Big Prayers 2018

2nd Sept pm    John Marvels at Heaven – Gosh    Rev Nick Cook
9th Sept pm    John – Heaven    Rev Nick Cook
23rd Sept pm    Jesus – Unite    Rev Nick Cook – final sermon to the Churches of MH


30th Sept am    God in Community    Christopher Brown, MiT
14th Oct am    Worship in the Spirit   Christopher Brown, MiT
21st Oct am    Discipleship    Rev Nick Swanson from Whetstone Baptist Church
28th Oct pm    Diversity and Unity    Christopher Brown, MiT
4th Nov pm    Missional Church    Martin Russell

Fan into Flame… – 2 Timothy

30th Sept pm    …by Being Bold    Janet Smith
21st Oct pm    – Advice to a young Pastor    Janet Smith
18th Nov pm    …by Being Sound    Janet Smith
25th Nov pm    …by Being Realistic    Janet Smith

Advent and Christmas 2018

25th Nov am    Christ the King    Janet Smith
2nd Dec am    Charles Spurgeon – Hope Inclusivity Compassion    Janet Smith
9th Dec am    Preparing the Way    Christopher Brown (MiT)
23rd Dec am    God with us    Christopher Brown (MiT)
25th Dec am    Call a friend    Rev Stephen Haward (Congregation Church) Christmas morning message
30th Dec am    Do you Really Know Jesus?    Martin Russell – end of year/New year message

General 2018

6th May am    Open for Prayer    Rev Nick Cook
20th May am    Join the Bridal Party    Rev Nick Cook
10th June am    Prayer Today    Louise Brown
24th June am    Clothe yourself in Christ    Jeff Lehman
24th June pm    God focused decisions    Rev Martin Aston
1st July am    Pilgrimage & Prayer    Christopher Brown
12th August am    What it means to become a Christian    Kalev Ots (visiting preacher)
19th August am    Have an ear    Rev Nick Cook  – Note the start of the reading is missing. The reading was Revelation 3:14-21.
9th Sept pm    River of Life    Rev Nick Cook
7th Oct am    Healthy Church works in Partnership    Rev Mark Clay
18th Nov am    The Enemy Out There    Rev Martin Aston



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